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Creative Writing Prompts

If you find the pressure of being creative difficult to cope with, a creative writing prompt is what you require. English writing prompts help stimulate creative thinking in writers and inspire them to create works of genius.

Common Forms of English Creative Writing Prompts

The three common types of English creative writing prompts are:

  • A set of indiscriminate words or sentence that has the potential to generate a story.
  • Picture prompts help inspire a story through a picture of a scene, an animate or inanimate object or a portrait.
  • Word-image combinations that trigger a new idea or thought for generating stories.

Samples of Creative Writing Prompt

Here are two samples of creative writing prompts for story starters:

  • 'My life began and ended on the same day when....' Relate a tragic experience in a situation which should have otherwise been joyful.
  • A jewel-encrusted box has been discovered in an ancient temple. Describe what led to the discovery, the box, the temple and its consequences.

Two examples of English writing prompts for character development:

  • Give voice to a villainous character from a fairy tale, like, one of the step sisters of Cinderella perhaps. State the point of view of a character such as this.
  • Three characters visit a garden - an old woman disillusioned with life, an idealistic child, and a parent of a newborn. Describe each ones reaction to the beautiful garden.

Also, creative writing prompts for plot development also provides outlines for story construction. For creative writing prompts on a variety of topics, visit www.randomword.net.