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Picture Writing Prompts

Picture writing prompts are wonderful creative writing aids that help writers create poems, fictional stories or even essays in classrooms. A picture writing prompt allows more creative freedom than a set of words or sentences. A picture can depict a scene of action, problematic situation, arbitrary setting or a portrait.

How to Choose a Picture Writing Prompt

It can be confusing for students to choose from a variety of picture writing prompts. The general tendency is to look for something simple, instead of pondering on all pictures available. Here are some simple steps to decide a topic:

  • Choose an image that looks attractive or appealing.
  • Free write for ten minutes on that picture to get rid of the writer's block.
  • Choose some facet of the free writing exercise to introduce the story. The story need not explain the picture. It simply needs to be inspired from it.
  • Explain to your audience how the picture has been interpreted into the resulting work.

Tips on Utilizing Picture Writing Prompts

Picture writing prompt can be used in the following ways:

  • Use the people or person in the picture as your character/s. Use the setting as the backdrop of your story.
  • Create specific details, such as name, age, history and characteristics of the character/s provide clarity to the fiction, thus, engaging the reader.
  • Create impressive dialogues between characters.
  • Thematic presentation. For instance, the character learning an important lesson in life.

Picture writing prompts can help budding writers, as well as established writers experiencing writer's block, to go beyond the limitations and unfold creative opportunities. So, visit the website www.randomword.net today and impart new dimensions to your writing.